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Experience truely life changing adventures with our tailored trips centered around Kilimanjaro, spanning across the beautiful, and truely unforgettable landscapes of Tanzania, Kenya, and the heart of East Africa. With experience dating back to 1999, our passionate team is dedicated to tailoring unparalleled experiences.

Driven by a love for what we do and our connection to the African continent, each of our experienced team is handpicked to craft your ideal African adventure.

Discover the meticulous planning that goes into each of our journeys by reaching out and requsting one of our sample itineraries, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

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We design adventures

Our mission, is to connect travelers with the captivsting beauty of East Africa from the glacier covered peaks of Kilimanaro and Mt kenya to the cristal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

Our amazing team at Three Degrees South love what we do and would like the oportunity to design your perfect trip. Be that a Kilimanjari hiking package or on a wildlife safari watching the greatest shown on earth as millions of animals take part in the great migration across the Serengeti .

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HERE and discuss all the amazing options available to you and then prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! We're here to help, ask us, we're your specilists!
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Group Departure

The best trips on Kilimanjaro. No compromise on safety, ethics or support. You choose the specification, we deliver. You can choose from 3 specifications for an entirely custom climb or just select one of our best of the best Signature climbs group departures.

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Tailored Adventures

Hiking, biking, climbing, paragliding, special life events, family trips, new routes, old routes, with some key details we can assist tailor a Kilimanjaro related event. Let us know your needs or check out the different possible treks.

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Breathtaking Safaris

Cycle around Kilimanjaro, trek across the Ngorongoro Highlands, sit back and watch watch the migration from a hand picked lodge in the Serengeti or destress in the cristal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. We're here to help turn dreams and ideas into the trip of a lifetime.

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Kilimanjaro - are you ready to join the #5895club?

At 5895 meters high, Kilimanjaro is the highests freestanding mountain in the world and by summiting it, you join an exclusive club... Below are just some of our Kilimanjaro options, for more information on set departure dates, costs and how we can plan the perfect adventure, contact us below...

Lemosho Route

The Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route is the best ascent route but this offers the complete Kilimanjaro experience, more acclimatisation time, more culture, and more spectacular scenery.

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Shira 7

Many people list Kilimanjaro as a lifelong dream adventure. This itinerary allows you the time to see all of Kilimanjaro’s main areas and with a 7 day ascent it also allows you a great chance of successfully making it to the roof of Africa! This is designed as a budget trip that does NOT compromise ethics or safety.

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Comic Relief Route

In February 2019 our team facilitated the Comic Relief challenge ReturnToKili, where 9 celebrities were successful in their bid to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro along this route. You too could follow in their footsteps!

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Northern Circuit Route

A different take on Kilimanjaro. While this route misses some of the dramatic geological features of the standard routes, such as Machame and Lemosho, it does head way off the beaten track and has a charm all of its own.

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The Great Rift Valley Trek

A 2 night trek combined with 2 nights in Lake Natron. The trek starts with a night at Empakai Crater in the Ngorongoro highlands (and depending on arrival time can include a descent into Empakai) from which our guides lead you down the outer slopes of Empakai, with the second night on the edge of the Gregorian rift.

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Walking In The Footsteps Of Man Trek

This is a trek back through millennia of evolution from the relatively recent hominid footprints right by our Lake Natron Camp, all the way to Olduvai, commonly known as “one of the most important paleoanthropological sites in the world”, and home to evidence of our earliest ancestors.

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